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  • S-200 POS58 thermal receipt printer
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Print speed: 90mm / s high-speed out paper print with low-noise design
Interface Type: USB/LTP/LAN/RS232
Thermal paper Specification: 57 * 50
Print command: compatible with ESC / POS command 
Paper width: 57.5 ± 0.5 mm 
Printing paper diameter: 75 mm 
Quasi-reliability: 60-100 km
Driver support cash drawer connected simple cash box, plug and play, the cash drawer without loading drive
The design of the data buffer, while printing can also receive print data
Characters can enlarge print, and adjust the line spacing of characters Print
Supports text, bitmaps, and download graphics LOGO Print
Minimal power consumption and low cost of consumables, without ribbon and ink cartridges
Easy paper unique design, easier to change paper
Atmosphere, steady, solid as a rock

Physical Characteristics
Print method direct thermal line 
Print density 384 dots / line
Character size ANK character: Font A: 12 * 24 points, 1.5 (W) * 3.0 (H) mm Simplified: 24 * 24 points, 3.0 (W) * 3.0 (H) mm 
Printing speed 90 mm ​​/ sec 
Interface Type USB/LTP/LAN/RS232
Print command compatible with ESC / POS command 
Paper width 57.5 ± 0.5 mm 
Printing paper diameter 75 mm 
Paper thickness 0.06-0.08 mm 
Power DC 12V/3A 
Cash drawer control DC 12V/1A 
Reliability 60-100 km 
Temperature 0-45 ℃ 
Relative humidity 10-80% 
Driver Win 9X, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7   , Compatible with ESPON, SAMSUNG

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