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Chinese tips for viral warfare:
1. Do not go out, do not go to many places. Stay home.
2. When you exit, wear a mask when entering an elevator or car, do not use your finger to press a button or extend the car door. Gloves should be worn.
3. When I get home, spray alcohol on shoes and shoes, throw gloves
4. Wash your face and hair, spray alcohol on your hand.
6. Please keep warm, do not freeze! Because people who have viruses will look too COLD!
5. When you are at home, please use alcohol pads to wipe your phones. Kill viruses normally.
? Great elasticity
? Elastic band and contoured styling
? Breathable polypropelene provides comfortable wearing
? Hygienic. Delicate box packing
? Breathable,hygienic, Comfortable and biodegradable
?Excellent for Hospital, Clinic, Dental, Surgery room, Beauty room, food industry and       emergencies

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