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S106D is the Chinese name brand POS printer hanyi manufacturing, 11 years of professional experience in POS printer manufacturer to provide you with high quality products and guarantee.
•   Thermal transfer technology
•  Big capacity ribbon
•  Low printing noise
•  Auto label detection
• Support big capacity thermal transfer ribbon
• Printing speed up to 150mm/s
 • User friendly clamshell design
• With external paper roll holder
• Auto label detection function
• Low printing noise
• Easy loading mechanism
• Easy use and easy maintenance

Printing Parameter Printing method Direct thermal and thermal transfer
Resolution 203dpi (8dots/mm)
Printing width 108±0.2mm
Printing speed Max.150mm/s
Interface USB
Paper Paper type Thermal receipt paper and thermal label paper
Recommended paper FD210,PD150R,PD160R(OJI Paper CO.,LTD.)
Paper width 25.4mm(MIN.); 118mm(MAX.)
Paper thickness 0.06mm(Min.); 0.25mm(MAX.)
External diameter 127mm(MAX.)
Internal diameter 25.4mm,38.1mm,76.2mm
Ribbon Material Wax base,resin matrix,polybase
Width 30mm(Min.);110mm(MAX)
Length 300 m/thickness 8.5μm
Max external diameter 68mm(MAX)
Axes 25.4mm
Memory RAM 1M Byte
Flash 2M Byte
Character Chinese GB18030 16x16 24x24
Alphanumeric ASCII 9x17,12x24
Build-in font Magnify Vertically,horizontally
Rotation Print in 0°,90°,180°,270°
2D QR code
Detection function Sensor Label detection,cover open detection,paper end detection,ribbon detection.
LED READY LED Two-color LED(red and greenish yellow)
STATUS LED Two-color LED(red and greenish yellow)
Power supply Input 24V ~ 2A(External power adapter)
Command TSPL
Physical spec. Operating condition 0 ~ 40℃/20 ~ 85%RH
Storage condition -20 ~ 70℃/5 ~ 95%RH
Dimension 285(L)*226(W)*171(H)mm
Weight 2.26kg(Without roll paper and ribbon)
Reliability TPH life 50km

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