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  • Handsfree Barcode Scanner -9120
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9120best-sellinghand-free omnidirectional barcode scanner presents an innovative, elegant andaffordable solution to retail applications where counter space is at a premium.
◎Omnidirectional and 20 lines optical grating mode:Noneed accurate positioning
◎Multiple interface:Through Multiple interfaceto protect your hardware investment
◎Common cable:Easier to replace and upgrade
◎Mini size:Suitable for the narrow environment of cash counter.
◎Adjustable stand:For comfortable use and high effciency
◎Anti-shock(built-in):To protect scanning module and improving durability
◎Full-automatic mode
* Replaceablecables for PowerLink users
* Fixedon the wall or check counter
* Customizethe depth-of-field according to different circumstance
* Editthe barcode data to meet the requirements of the users
* Multiplebeeper tones
Tag:MJ-9120 desktop barcode scanner omnidrectional barcode scanner

Physical Characteristics
Type of illuminant 650(Visible laser)
scan Rate 1120 scans/second
Reading Preciseness 5mil
Interfaces PS2,RS232,USB
Print Contrast 20%min
Barcode types 1D
Safety Penrformance Accord With national 1 laser safety standards
EMS FCC part 15 Class B\European Union EMC directive
Dimension 150mmX90mmX65mm
Weight 115g
Color White/Black
Working Temperature 0︒~50︒C
Storage Temperature -20︒~60︒C
Humidity 5%~95%
Anti-shock design Withstand 1.2M drops
Depth of field 5mil:25mm~50mm/7.8mil:0mm~150mm/10.4mil:0mm~175mm/26mil:25mm~250mm

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