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SPD3 is the Chinese name brand POS printer hanyi manufacturing, 11 years of professional experience in POS printer manufacturer to provide you with high quality products and guarantee.
Dot-matrix printing technology
Embedded power supply
 High printing speed up to 4.7 lps at 42 columns
 Drop-in and print paper loading
 Print up to 3 copies at a time
 Clamshell splash resistant design
Print head 18 pin also available

Printing Printing method Direct thermal and thermal transfer
Printing width 108±0.2mm
Printing speed Max.150mm/s
Interface RS232,USB,Bluetooth4.0 + EDR,Parallel,Ethernet
Font Font size Wax base,resin matrix,polybase
Character size 1.2(W)*2.42(H),1.5(W)*2.42(H)mm
Character set 95 Alphanumeric,32 International
Code pages 40
Character per inch 16.9,14.1
No.of Columns 42/35
Line Spacing 1/6 inch standard
Paper Width 76mm standard,adjustable 69mm or 58mm with paper guide
Roll diameter Up to 85mm
Thickness 0.065 ~ 0.085mm
Copy capability 2 ply Orginal + 1,0.05-0.08/piece,total less 0.14
Copy capability 3 ply Orginal + 2,0.05-0.08/piece,total less 0.20
Loading Easy loading
Ribbon Cassettes Black life:3000000 characters
Black/Red life:1500000/750000 characters
Indelible black ribbon(laundry applications )
Detection Sensor Paper out,paper near end,cover open
Memory Flash 16Mb
Power supply 24V± 7%
Firmware Emulation ESC / POS command
D.K.D. Function 2 drivers
Reliability MCBF 22 million lines
Print head 150 million character
Environment Operating condition 0℃ to 50℃
Storage condition 0% to 95% RH
Dimension — 20℃ to 70℃
Storage humidity 5% to 95% RH
Physical Characteristics Dimensions 1147(L)*167(W)*154(H)
Weight 3.43kg

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