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Brief                                                                                                                         6709 C is a compact long-range CCD bar code scanner with high sensitive liner image sensor. As remote-operation ability 10,000 LUX ambient light resistance, 500 scan-rate per second and aiding in various major bar codes, hand-on software-programming function, this is your best choice of CCD type bar code scanner to be suitable for application where needs a high performance, small foot-print and the reliable operation.
Features                                                                                                                 ◎  32-bit ARM CPU
◎  Mini size design
◎  Data format mode
◎  Host edit function
◎  Multiple interface
◎  500 scans /sec
Tag:MJ-6709 C barcode scanner CCD barcode scanner USB scanner

Physical Characteristics
CPU ARM Cortex TM -M3,32-bit
Light Source Visible Red light 650 nm LED
Scanning Speed 500 scan/sec
Scanning angle Pitch Angle   5︒~60︒(±5︒)/Skew Tolerance   5︒~60︒(±5︒)
Scanning distance 500mm@20mil/0.5mm,pcs90%
Print contrast PCS45%@4mil/0.1mm
Precision 4mil/0.1mm@pcs90%
Scanning width ≤110mm/pcs 0.9
Decoding Capability Code 39 Full ASCll,Code 39,Code 32,Code 128,Code 93,Code 11,CodeBar,/NW7,All UPC/EAN/JAN code (EAN-13,EAN-8,UPC-A,UPC-EENA-128),Interleave 2 of 5,STD 2 of 5,Industrial 2 of 5,matrix 2 of 5,chinese Postage code,IATA MSI/PLESSY,Italian Pharmacy code,industrial 2of 5,BC-412
Inteface K/B,RS232,USB
Dimensions 158mmX68mm)X96mm
Weight 200g

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