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  • 80 Thermal Receipt Printer -S900
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It can be used for all kinds of commercial in retail POS systems, Restaurant system, Industrial control systems in areas such as.
Versatile and adaptable
Fast print speed at 220mm/s
Easy to use and simple to maintain
Easy paper loading for paper replacement
Support printing graphics and barcode
 Low cost and High-quality thermal printing
 Cash drawer drive supported
 Easy paper-roll installation, Easy maintenance and Rational structure
 Low-power waste, low-run cost
Characters can be amplified,printed in bold optionally,and line spacing printing can be adjusted
 Support different density bitmap graphics printing
 Support NV image downloading and printing
 Support raster bitmap printing
 High-speed printing using embedded soft font for all interfaces.
 Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction set, optional columns and font

Print Printing Method Thermal Line
Printing Speed 220mm/s
Resolution 8dots/mm
Effective Printing Width 58mm/64mm/72mm
Character Character Set Ⅱ 12 x24 dot
Simple Chinese Set GB18030  
Character per Line 32CPL/42CPL/48CPL
  Paper Width 79.5± 0.5mm
Paper Roll Diameter Max:  80.0mm
Roll Core Inner Diameter 12mm(min.)
Paper Thickness 0.055mm to 0.08mm
Paper Supply Method Easy load
Reliability MCBF 20million lines
Auto Cutter 1 million cuts
TPH 100km
Emulation ESC/POS
Driver Win 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7
Drawer Port RJ11
Interface Wireless, USB, Ethernet, RS-232, Parallel
Power Supply (Adapter) DC 24V, 2A
Auto cutter Type Sliding Type
Life 1 million cuts
Cutting Method Full / Partial cut
Physical Net Weight 2.32kg(without paper roll)
Printer Dimension 220(L) x 145(W)x 152(H) mm
Color 8 kinds of colors

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